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Conference on the Economics of State Aid Control

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23 September 2015, Brussels

In Cooperation with: 
Vrije Universiteit Brussel

If you have any questions in regards to the programme of the upcoming conference or would like to get more information about it please contact Anya Zuschke.

Participation Fees

Regular fee: 720,- (excl. VAT)
Reduced fee for full-time academics: 520,- (excl. VAT)

EStAL subscribers get 10% discount on participation fee. 

21 % Belgian VAT will be added (if applicable).

The participation fees include the Conference material, drinks and
snacks during the breaks and lunch.
Special rates for students on request.

Online Registration

Please fill in the below registration form which will be revised by our accounts department to check whether all information needed for the registration has been well received. Within a couple of days you will receive a confirmation of your registration by e-mail and the invoice by post.

Participation Fees

* VAT will be added if applicable.
   Payment method: Invoice or credit card (Visa- and Mastercard)



Cancellations should be made in writing per post or fax. Please note that the full fee will be charged for cancellations received later than 2 weeks prior the event (included illness or impediment which prevents one from fulfilling one's duties). Nomination of a substitute remains possible. A cancellation arising by reason of too small a number of participants is effected no later than two weeks prior to the conference by the organisers. In this case the participation fee will be refunded. A requirement for reimbursement of travel and accommodation expenses as well as loss of working hours is not possible, unless such costs result from wantonly negligent or deliberate behavior on the part of the organisers.


Anstehende Veranstaltungen 2017


"State Aid Uncovered" with Prof. Dr. Phedon Nicolaides
Master Class
Konferenzsprache: Englisch
3.-4. Juli 2017 | Kopenhagen
EU Financial Instruments: Current Challenges for Set-up and Management
Advanced Summer Course
Konferenzsprache: Englisch
10.-12. Juli 2017 | Den Haag


State Aid from A to Z
4-day Intensive Summer Course Fully Booked
Konferenzsprache: Englisch
29. August - 1. September 2017 | Como (nähe Mailand)
Cost Benefit Analysis of Major Projects
Interactive Workshop
Konferenzsprache: Englisch
14.-15. September 2017 | Berlin

State Aid for Transport Services and Infrastructure
Intensive Training
Konferenzsprache: Englisch
18.-19. September 2017 | Brüssel

How to Improve Verifications of ESI Funds?
Interactive Workshop

Konferenzsprache: Englisch
25.-26. September 2017 | Wien
State Aid for R&D&I Projects
Advanced Training

Konferenzsprache: Englisch
25.-26. September 2017
Seminar Internationales Chemikalienrecht 2017
Konferenzsprache: Deutsch
28. September 2017 | Frankfurt am Main
Public Procurement Requirements for ESI Funds
Interactive Workshop
Konferenzsprache: Englisch
28.-29. September 2017 | Prag
Internal & External Audit
Interactive Workshop

Konferenzsprache: Englisch
September 2017 | Budapest


Essentials of State Aid Law and Procedures
Intensive Training
Konferenzsprache: Englisch
9.-10. Oktober 2017 | Berlin
How to Use Simplified Cost Options for ESI Funds?
Interactive Workshop

Konferenzsprache: Englisch
16.-17. Oktober 2017 | Rom
Länder-Immissionsschutztage 2017 (LIST)
Konferenzsprache: Deutsch
12.-13. Oktober 2017 | Berlin
European Conference on State Aid for Financial Instruments
Konferenzsprache: Englisch
23.-24. October 2017 | Vienna
EFFL Conference 2017
Konferenzsprache: Englisch
26.-27. Oktober | Brüssel


State Aid for EU-funded Infrastructure Projects
Konferenzsprache: Englisch
6.-7. November |Brussels
Seminar zum Biozidrecht
Konferenzsprache: Deutsch
7. November 2017 | Frankfurt am Main

Chemical Regulations in Asia-Pacific
Intensive Seminar
Konferenzsprache: Englisch
15. November 2017 | Frankfurt am Main

State Aid for Tax Measures
Konferenzsprache: Englisch
20.-21. November 2017 | Berlin
Berliner Abfallrechtstage
Konferenzsprache: Deutsch
23.-24. November 2017 | Berlin
Countdown to Implementation: How to Put the Obligations of the GDPR into Practice
Konferenzsprache: Englisch
27.-28. November 2017 | Amsterdam
Autumn Conference on European State Aid Law 2017
EStALI Autumn Conference
Konferenzsprache: Englisch
23.-24. November 2017 | Madrid
EU Financial Instruments:
Equity, Quasi-Equity, Loans and Guarantees

Advanced Workshop
Konferenzsprache: Englisch
27.-28. November 2017 | London


EU State Aid Law
Advanced Seminar for Judges
Konferenzsprache: English
4.-5. Dezember 2017 | Brüssel
Technical Assistance – How to Achieve Best Value for Money?
Advanced Workshop
Konferenzsprache: English
7.-8. Dezember 2017 | Wien

Anstehende Veranstaltungen 2018


Chemierechtstag 2018
Konferenzsprache: Deutsch
31. Januar 2018 | Frankfurt am Main


Performance Audit and Evaluation in ESIF Programmes
Interactiv Workshop
Konferenzsprache: Englisch
26.-27. Februar 2018 | | Amsterdam

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