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Current issue: EStAL 3/15 - Special Issue on Fiscal Aid!

This edition of EStAL is dedicated to Fiscal Aid. It boasts a long list of well-written and stimulating Opinions, Articles and Case notes, which from different angles explore some of the many complex questions facing companies, authorities and courts confronted with fiscal aid issue.
Have you visited our StateAidHub.eu yet? Find there now Prof Nicolaides' blog post on fiscal aid.
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Publication frequency: quarterly
approx. 100 pages
ISSN 16 19-52 72

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EStAL - European State Aid Law Quarterly

EStAL was established in 2002 as the first pan-European publication for State aid law and is still recognized as the leading journal in its field today. EStAL’s successful philosophy is to serve as a forum for open dialogue and reflection on State aid law and policy for and between academics, judges, Commission and Member States officials and private practitioners. This philosophy shows in the composition of the editorial board and translates to the selection of authors and commentators and EStAL’s circle of readers in particular. EStAL accordingly offers a balanced mix of high-quality legal analysis, concise information and pointed opinion pieces on State aid law and policy from diverse backgrounds to the benefit of all those dealing with State aid issues on a regular basis.

EStAL provides you quarterly with a review of around 100 pages, containing articles, case studies, jurisdiction of both European and national courts as well as communications from the European Commission.

For any further questions please contact us at Lexxion Publisher in Berlin,
Telephone +49 30 81 45 06 0 or Email mail@estal.de.


Managing Editors

Caroline Buts, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Brussels

José Luis Buendía, Garrigues, Brussels


Editorial Board

Josef Azizi, Former Judge at the General Court of the European Union

Andreas Bartosch, Kemmler Rapp Böhlke & Crosby, Brussels

Andrea Biondi, King's College London

Rose D'Sa, European Economic and Social Committee, Brussels

Leo Flynn, European Commission, Brussels

Leigh Hancher, Tilburg University, Allen & Overy, Amsterdam

Michael Honoré, Bech-Bruun Law Firm, Brussels

Thomas Jaeger, Max Planck Institute for Innovation and Competition, Munich

Christian Koenig, Center for European Integration Studies, Bonn

Koen Lenaerts, Court of Justice of the European Union, Leuven University

Arjen Meij, Former Judge at the General Court of the European Union

Phedon Nicolaides, College of Europe and Maastricht University

Michael Schütte, Schütte Law Brussels

Adinda Sinnaeve, European Commission, Brussels

Diane P. Wood, Circuit Judge U.S. Court of Appeals for the 7th Circuit, Chicago

Country Correspondants

Austria Birgit Haslinger
  Johannes Kepler University, Linz

Belgium Laura Parret
  Houthoff Buruma, Brussels

Bulgaria Ilko Stoyanov
  Schoenherr, Sofia

Czech Republic Marko Macek
  Croatian Bank for Reconstruction and Development, Zagreb

Croatia Tatjana Jakovljevic
  Croatian Competition Agency, Zagreb

Cyprus Michalis Kamperis
  Ierotheou, Kamperis & Co. LLC, Nicosia

Denmark Charlotte Fornø
  EFTA Surveillance Authority, Brussels

EFTA States and EFTA Community Monica Wroldsen
  Norwegian Government, Oslo

Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania Daiga Lagzdina
  Ministry of Finance, Riga

Finland Ilkka Aalto-Setälä
  Partner at Borenius Attorneys Ltd, Helsinki

France Nicole Coutrelis
  Coutrelis & Associes, Paris

Germany Christoph Arhold
  White & Case LLP, Berlin

Greece Antonis Metaxas
  Metaxas & Associates, Athens

Hungary Anikó Keller
  Szecskay, Budapest

Italy Sara Gobbato
  GiusPubblicisti Associati, Milan

Ireland Christine Fauroux, Maples and Calder (Dublin)
Luxemburg Philippe-Emmanuel Partsch
  Arendt & Medernach, Luxemburg

Malta Yana Haber
  Ministry of Finance, Floriana

Poland Przemyslaw Kamil Rosiak
  KPMG, Warsaw

Portugal Sofia Oliveira Pais
  Portuguese Catholic University, Porto

Romania Anca Jurcovan
  Tuca Zbarcea & Asociatii, Bucharest

Slovakia Peter Hodál
  White & Case LLP, Bratislava

Slovenia Matej Kavčič
  Kavčič, Rogl & Bračun, Ljubljana

Spain Jose Manuel Panero Rivas
  Garrigues, Brussels

Sweden Ida Otken Eriksson
  Öberg & Associés AB, Stockholm

The Netherlands Emma Besselink
  Allen & Overy LLP, Amsterdam

United Kingdom George Peretz
  Monckton Chambers, London

EStAL Review Process

The articles featured in each issue of European State Aid Law Quarterly (EStAL) are
as well requested submissions as unsolicited ones. All undergo the review process as followed: Each article is circulated among the full board and reviewed and refereed by the board members.

Article Submission

It is understood that EStAL accepts for print submissions of excellent quality only. All publications must demonstrate clearly that they are sufficiently distinct from the status quo of discussions among the informed State aid community, in particular through sufficiently broad footnoting and citations, and aim at advancing those discussions.

Whereas opinions and case notes may be more pointed, articles in particular must take clearly visible notice of pre-existing literature and jurisprudence, even if the positions expressed there are to be rejected by the author of the submission at hand. Likewise, submissions relating to very recent developments require less footnoting and citation than submissions relating to familiar topics.

Publications not living up to this quality standard will be rejected by the editorial board in the pre-publication review process.



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Tel.: +49 30-81 45 06-17


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(orders, enquiries, returns)

  Eva-Maria Beiner
Tel.: +49 30-81 45 06-12

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Publication frequency: quarterly
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ISSN 16 19-52 72

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