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CCLR 2/2016 – Special Issue on Aviation and Climate Change, Open Access for Limited Time

Aviation is a major source of carbon pollution, and its emissions are expected to triple by 2050. Ahead of the 39th Session of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Assembly this fall, the Carbon & Climate Law Review (CCLR) has dedicated a timely Special Issue to the climate impacts of aviation and policy options available for their mitigation. Recognized experts and policy makers analyze a key item on the ICAO agenda – the introduction of a Global Market-based Measure (MBM) that could ensure carbon-neutral growth in international aviation from 2020. In order to help inform this ongoing debate, the Special Issue will be openly accessible until the conclusion of the ICAO Assembly on October 7th.

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Publication frequency: quarterly
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CCLR - Carbon and Climate Law Review

As climate policies evolve around the globe, attention is shifting from their conceptual design to the challenges of implementation. Where theoretical concerns once dominated, legal professionals are now called upon to ensure smooth operation of the regulatory framework. No area reflects this better than the carbon market, where each transaction is subject to sophisticated contractual arrangements, liability rules, accounting practices, and other mandatory constraints.

Responding to the growing demand for a discussion forum on these issues, the Carbon & Climate Law Review strikes a balance between the interests of practitioners, notably those engaged in the rapidly evolving carbon market, and a more doctrinal focus, alternating legal policy recommendations with timely articles on legal aspects of carbon trading and other dimensions of greenhouse gas regulation.

A section on current developments updates readers on recent market trends, political decisions, new literature and relevant events. Most importantly, however, the Carbon & Climate Law Review brings together representatives from the legal discipline and other stakeholders in one specialised journal, allowing them to engage in a dynamic debate on the law of climate change.



Michael Mehling


Associate Editors

Harro van Asselt, Camilla Bausch, Ilan Gutherz, Andrew Gilder, Leonardo Massai,  Francesco Sindico, Natascha Trennepohl, Christopher Tung, Karl Upston-Hooper


Editorial Board

Thomas L. Brewer, William Burns, Geert van Calster, Elisabeth DeMarco, David Driesen, Astrid Epiney, David Freestone, Michael Gerrard, Anthony Hobley, Richard Macrory, Simon Marr, Annie Petsonk, Michael Rodi, Wolf-Friedrich Spieth, Charlotte Streck, William L. Thomas, Stefan E. Weishaar, Martijn Wilder

Peer Review

The general articles featured in each issue are unsolicited submissions and are peer-reviewed by at least one and typically two reviewers. For the thematic focus, however, a guest editor takes responsibility for identifying suitable topics and authors, and also for ensuring the quality of the submissions.


IUCN Introduction to LC 32/LP/5 INF 2

Newsletter Giuridica Fondazione Lombardia per l'Ambiente, Jul 27 2010




Publication frequency: quarterly
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