Interactive Workshop on ESI Funds and Public Procurement Requirements

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19-20 April 2016 | Hotel Bristol Warsaw, Poland

Two-day seminar on the public procurement requirements and their reform essential for the management and implementation of ESI-funded projects.

If you would like to receive the programme for this workshop or more information about it please contact Lena Brommer.


Public Procurement in the EU amounts to 1 trillion Euro. However, the violation of the public procurement rules remains one of the main sources of irregularities and fraud in projects co-financed by Structural Funds. The European Commission constantly implements decisions to suspend or interrupt European funding due to the infringements of public procurement procedures.

Ensuring correct public procurement - a proper drafting of tenders, running of negotiations, assignment and conclusion of the contract - is essential for all contracting authorities.

With European funding involved, all ESI Funds managing bodies have to monitor and audit the procurement procedures for EU funded projects and ensure their compliance with national and European regulation.

The knowledge of public procurement rules, acquaintance with relevant procedures as well as awareness of the potential violation risks and know-how in handling irregularities and financial corrections are indispensable for all experts involved in management and control of EU Funds.


Day 1: The Reformed Public Procurement Directives and Procedures

  • Current European procurement rules and their reform
  • The tendering phases from defining the tender to conclusion of the contract
  • Sustainable and Green Public Procurement in the EU

Day 2: Managing ESI Funds

  • Public procurement and the management of Structural Funds  
  • Tasks of Managing and Contracting Authorities
  • Most frequent public procurement errors
  • Determining, administrating and defining irregularities
  • COCOF Guidelines for determining financial corrections to be made to expenditure financed by the Union under shared management
  • Audit requirements

Practical Workshops and Break-out Sessions

  • Putting in place a system to manage ESI Funds and Measures to Reduce the Risk of Procurement Errors and Fraud
  • Interactive Case Study on Audit Requirements

Problem Solving Session

The participants will be asked to provide practical problems in advance
and will receive practical advice from our experts on how to solve
them. The proceedings of this part of the seminar will be kept confidential. Practical examples and cases wil be discussed throughout the seminar.

Who Should Participate?

Experts responsible for monitoring, control and auditing of public procurement in:

  • ERDF, ESF, CF, EAFRD, EMFF Managing Authorities
  • Audit Authorities
  • Certifying Authorities
  • Intermediate Bodies

EU funds experts involved in the implementation of EU funded projects and acting as a contracting authority in public authorities such as:

  • National ministries
  • National agencies
  • Regional and local governments
  • City councils
  • National and Regional Development Agencies
  • Auditors from National and Regional Audit Authorities
  • Private companies acting as contractors for the implementation of EU funded projects
  • Lawyers and consultants specialised in public affairs
  • Private and Public Banks

Interactive Workshop on ESI Funds and Public Procurement Requirements

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