ESI Funds: First Level Control & Verifications

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Interactive Workshop

9 – 10 May 2019 | Copenhagen

For further information on the programme and registration please contact Hanne Goldbeck.


First level control plays a crucial role in financial management and control system of ESI Funds 2014-2020. Managing Authorities and Intermediate Bodies have to conduct administrative and on-the-spot verifications in order to ensure efficient and reliable first level control procedure. High quality controls take time and resources, especially bearing in mind that controllers are often asked to control 100% of expenditures. There are many complex areas of control, such as State aid and public procurement, which require specific expertise. Such new obligations, related to the Assurance Package, as drawing up, certifying and submitting Payment Applications and Annual Accounts to the EC, also raise a number of questions to first level controllers.

Furthermore public officials in charge of first level control have to constantly conduct risk assessment in ESIF programmes and projects and have to be aware of preventing and detecting errors and irregularities, especially in cases of public procurement. Serious shortcomings can lead to repayments and financial corrections. Therefore, national authorities have to meet the challenges of stronger financial controls and carry out the respective audits.

This intensive workshop for experts from Managing, Certifying, Audit Authorities and Intermediate Bodies will provide in-depth knowledge, practical exercises and exchange of experience on financial management & control of ESI Funds with the special focus on the new procedures and requirements for a proper first level control of ESI Funds 2014-2020.


This two-day intensive workshop focuses on the following topics:

  • Financial management and first level control requirements
  • Verification of expenditures: Guidance on management verifications
  • How to improve the verification strategies for administrative & on-the-spot verifications
  • Conducting verifications in practice
    • Verification of eligibility of expenditure
    • Verification of Simplified Cost Options
    • Verification of State aid and public procurement
  • The Assurance Package: new challenges and obstacles from the perspective of first level controllers
  • How to analyse risks and reduce risks through more effective management verifications
  • Most common irregularities in ESI Funds and common procurement errors
  • Reporting and financial corrections
  • Group exercise on improving verifications and avoiding irregularities

Who should participate?

  • Representatives from public authorities in charge of first-level control and audit, especially from:

               -  Managing Authorities
               -  Certifying Authorities
               -  Audit Authorities
               -  Intermediate Bodies 
               -  Regional and local authorities
               -  Court of Auditors

  • Beneficiaries of EU funded projects, i.e.: Private and public companies, associations, research institutes
  • Bodies working in European Territorial Cooperation
  • Public and private banks and other financial intermediaries
  • International, national and local associations and networks
  • Consultants and lawyers specialised on ESI Funds 

Workshop Material - No need to miss anything!

If you are unable to make it to the workshop you may want to order a copy of the printed material including the access data to all presentations shown during the events. The price is € 199,- (each, excl. of VAT).
If interested, please contact Hanne Goldbeck.


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