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Current issue: EStIF 1/2017: Special Issue on Smart Specialisation
Under the lead of guest editor Laura Polverari from the EPRC of the University of Strathclyde, the first issue of EStIF in 2017 is devoted to Smart Specialisation as a new and necessary dimension of ESIF programmes. With the 2014-2020 Common Provisions Regulation the design of Smart Specialisation Strategies (S3s) has become a requirement for ESIF programmes. Our authors take this opportunity to reflect on the strengths and weaknesses of the design process.
As a special treat Lexxion offers two articles of the Special Issue for free! Read Dimitrios Kyriakou’s  and Peter Wostner’s view on the topic and view all other articles: HERE

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Publication frequency: quarterly
approx. 80 pages
ISSN 21 96-82 68

Annual subscription
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EStIF - European Structural and Investment Funds Journal

With the Programming Period which started in 2014, the journal responds to the growing need for information exchange between the various stakeholders involved. EStIF offers a platform for hands-on expertise in structural policy, and encourages knowledge exchange between European institutions and Member States in the field of ESI Funds.

This journal will:

  • Analyse the programming period 2007-2013,  as well as lessons learnt from it;
  • Prepare for the programming period 2014-2020 regarding management, implementation and control of European Structural and Investment Funds;
  • Provide a platform for sharing (best) practice and experiences of Member States & beneficiaries.

The journal focuses on the practical aspects of the implementation of ESI Funds in the European Union. Experienced specialists from both the European institutions and from the national and regional authorities actively contribute their expertise to this journal.

Upcoming Deadlines for Submissions
Issue 1/2017: 15 January 2017 – Special Issue on Smart Specialisation
Issue 2/2017:
15 March 2017 – Special Issue on Evaluation
Issue 3/2017:
15 June 2017 – Special Issue on Territorial Cooperation
Issue 4/2017:
15 September 2017 – Special Issue on Financial Management



Rona Michie
Research Fellow, European Policies Research Centre, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow

Editorial Board

Dirk Ahner
former Director-General for Regional Development, European Commission and Special Advisor to the European Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development

Balázs Dencső
Head of Unit G3: European Network and Monitoring of Rural Development Policy, Directorate G: Horizontal Aspects of Rural Development, Directorate-General Agriculture and Rural Development, European Commission, Brussels

Björn Gabriel
Senior Adviser, Strategy, Policy & Coordination Division, Advisory Services Department, European Investment Bank, Luxembourg

Danuta Hübner
Member of the European Parliament, Chairwoman of the Committee on Regional Development, former Commissioner for Regional Policy, Brussels

Jo Kremers
Ministry of Finance, Central Audit Authority, Den Haag

Philip McCann
Professor Economic Geography, University of Groningen

Phedon A. Nicolaides
Jan Tinbergen Professor and Director of Studies at the College of Europe in Bruges and Academic Director at lexxion training

Kjell Nilsson
Director, Nordregio, Stockholm

Wolfgang Petzold
Head of Unit D2 - Events, Fora, Open Days, Committee of the Regions, Brussels

Martin Weber
Head of Audit Unit ERDF/CF, Transport and Energy, European Court of Auditors, Luxembourg

Fiona Wishlade
Director, European Policies Research Centre, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow

Piotr Żuber
Director of the Department for Economic Strategy, Ministry of Economic Development, Poland

Country Correspondents

Austria Christina Bauer
Managing Authority, Alpine Space Programme, Salzburg
Belgium Louis Vervloet
ESF Agency Flanders, Brussels
Greece Anna Kanakaki
Regional Coordinator COP on Result Based Management, Management & Organisation Unit of Development Programmes, Athens
Hungary Júlia Szenthe
Former Senior Expert, Prime Minister’s Office, Budapest
Italy Olga Simeon
European Commission, State Aid Coordinator
Slovenia Peter Wostner
Government Office for Development and European Cohesion Policy, Ljubljana
United Kingdom Ken Cook
Welsh Government, European Funding Office, Conwy


Publication frequency: quarterly
Subscription: € 442,-
ISSN 16 19-52 72

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