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EPPPL - European Procurement & Public Private Partnership Law Review

Procurement procedures and Public-Private Partnerships are two major legal and policy instruments of public sector management which link the public and private sectors and provide for the procedural and substantive interactions which are necessary for the effective and efficient delivery of public services.
Within the quarterly EPPPL, authors offer you insight analysis and thorough interpretation relevant to the state of affairs in Procurement and Public-Private Partnership matters.

At the core of the strategic coverage of EPPPL are many pertinent and topical questions, such as:

  • What are the legal and financial structures which are conducive to Public-Private Partnerships in the 21st century in the EU?

  • How do Public-Private Partnerships deliver public services in the EU Member States?

  • How do Concessions feature as Public-Private Partnerships legal and policy choices?

  • What is the latest state of supervision, compliance and jurisprudence at European and national levels?

  • Is existing procurement regulation leading to more efficient use of public resources or does it result in bureaucratic burden?

  • How are EU rules implemented in the new Member States?
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Managing Editor

Prof. Dr. Christopher Bovis


Editorial Board

Prof. Anne van Aaken
University of St. Gallen

Prof. Dr. Hans Wilhelm Alfen
Bauhaus University, Weimar

Prof. Dr. Andrea Biondi
King’s College, London

Michael Bowsher
Monckton Chambers, London

Prof. Dr. Martin Burgi
Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich

Michael Burnett
European PPP Forum, Maastricht

Dr. Dacian C. Dragos
Babes Bolyai University
Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Steven van Garsse
Diensten voor het Algemeen Regeringsbeleid, Kenniscentrum Publiek – Private Samenwerking, Belgium

Alberto Germani
PPP Advisor of UAE, Member of UNECE PPP Team of Specialist, United Arab Emirates

Dr. Friedrich Ludwig Hausmann
PWC, Berlin

Prof. Dr. Herwig Hofmann
University of Luxembourg

Prof. Dr. Christian Koenig
University of Bonn, Centre for European Integration Research

Matthias Petschke
European Commission, Director EU Satellite Navigation Programmes, Brussels

Stephan Rechten
Beiten Burkhardt Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH, Berlin

Prof. Dr. Piet Jan Slot
Leiden University, The Netherlands

Dr. Tobias Traupel
Representation of Rhineland - Palatinate to the Federal Government and the EU, Berlin/Brussels

Prof. Christopher R. Yukins
George Washington University Law School, USA

Case Law Editor

Charles M. Clarke
Arnold & Porter LLP, Brussels

Country Correspondants

Austria Martin Oder
  Haslinger/Nagele & Partner, Vienna

Baltic Countries Deividas Soloveičikas
  Vilnius University, Faculty of Law

Belgium Constant De Koninck
  Senior Auditor, Belgian Court of Audit

Cyprus Demetris Savvides
  Blars Ltd

Czech Republic Robert Krč
  University of West Bohemia, Plzeň

Denmark Martin André Dittmer
  Gorrissen Federspiel, Copenhagen

France Jérôme Grand d’Esnon
  Carlara International, Paris

Greece Spyros Panagopoulos
  Panagopoulos & Partners – Law Firm

Hungary Tünde Tátrai
  Corvinus University of Budapest

Italy Luca Pardi
  Partner, Studio Legale Associato a Watson, Farley & Williams, Rome

Luxembourg Quentin Hubeau
  Sedlo Jimenez Lunz Law Firm

Portugal Pedro Melo
  PLMJ – A. M. Pereira, Sáragga Leal,
Oliveira Martins, Júdice e Associados, Lisbon

Romania Ioan Baciu
  Rubin Meyer Doru & Trandafir, Bucharest

Serbia Branimir Blagojevic

Republic Commission for Protection of Rights

Slovakia Peter Hodál
  White & Case, Bratislava

Slovenia Petra Ferk
  Graduate School of Government and European Studies, Institute for Public-Private Partnership

Spain Miguel Ángel Bernal Blay
  Faculty of Law, University of Zaragoza

Sweden Tobias Indén
  Umeå University, Umeå

Switzerland Peter Hettich
  University of St Gallen

The Netherlands Jan M. Hebly
  Houthoff Buruma / Leiden University

The United Kingdom Nick Maltby

Ukraine Irina Zapatrina
  National Trade and Economy University, Kiev




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Tel.: +49 30-81 45 06-17


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 CG Cristina Gîrloanƫă
Tel.: +49 30-81 45 06-12


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