Country Reports: Austria, Denmark, Finland, France, Italy, The Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, The United Kingdom

Journal: EFFL - Issue: 01/2006 - 19 Pages

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Country Reports Food Supplements – The Legal Situation in Austria With the enactment of 1 July 1975 of the Food Law, BGBI 1975/86, the term “consumption product” (“Verzehrprodukt”) was introduced for the first time. It was a new and – measured against the other European legal regulations – singular term, moreover the consumption product was defined not as a sub-category of foods but as a product sui generis. In accordance with § 2 of the Food Law, foods (nutrients and delicacies) were defined as substances which are to be eaten, chewed or drunk by humans in unprocessed, prepared or processed form predominantly for nutritional or enjoyment purposes. By contrast, § 3 of the Foo...



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