Professional Certificate on European State Aid Law

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in cooperation with the University of Maastricht.

If you have any questions in regards to the Professional Certificate or would like to get more information about it please contact Gaël Langosch.

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A Professional Certificate on EU State Aid Law awarded by Maastricht University and Lexxion Publisher

The Professional Certificate on EU State Aid Law will be awarded by Maastricht University and Lexxion Publisher and will be assessed on the basis of academic quality and competence.
In order for candidates to obtain the Professional Certificate, they will have to satisfy two requirements. First, they have to participate in three professional seminars organised by Lexxion Publisher. Second, candidates will have to write a thesis of about 10,000 words that will apply State aid rules to a case or problem they encounter in their own country or professional life. The thesis will be evaluated by Professor Phedon Nicolaides from Maastricht University.

Why a Professional Certificate in EU State Aid Law?

An objective of the EU’s 2020 policy is the encouragement of life-long learning as a means of continually adjusting and improving personal skills. EU law and policies evolve in response to changing market conditions, technologies and Member State needs. Public officials and private practitioners too have to bring up to date their knowledge of EU policies and case law which also develops, occasionally, in unexpected directions. Therefore, as the process towards life-long learning intensifies, so will be the need for public officials and other professionals to confirm that they acquire essential new knowledge and skills while they remain in employment. The acquisition of rigorously assessed certificates is an important step in career advancement.
EU State aid policy and law also evolve. The essential parts in the course of achieving this evaluated professional certificate are active involvement in seminar proceedings and effective learning that will be attested through the writing of a thesis.
The thesis will serve a twofold objective. It will enable participants to investigate in depth issues or problems of direct concern to their daily work and will confirm that they have acquired a thorough understanding of EU State aid practice and law.

1.    Participation in professional seminars by Lexxion Publisher

Candidates will be required to participate in a “standard” seminar, one specialist or sectoral seminar and a Master Class in the course of 24 months.

  • Standard seminars examine the concept of State aid, procedures for notification and recovery of State aid, the principles of compatibility of State aid with the internal market, and the main Commission guidelines.
  • Specialist or sectoral seminars focus on one of the following issues or areas: agriculture, transport, structural funds, financial instruments, environment and energy, services of general economic interest, fiscal aid and evaluation of state aid. Seminars on other specialist issues are also organised from time to time.
  • The Master Class is intended for officials with previous experience in State aid. In addition, the number of participants is kept low in order to maximise the possibility for interaction and debate. This is because the aim of the Master Class is, first, to examine exclusively recent developments in the case law, presupposing that participants are already familiar with basic concepts, and, second, to identify solutions to problems introduced by participants themselves. All participants contribute to the discussion of the problems and the assessment of possible solutions.

2.    Submission of a thesis to Maastricht University

With respect to the second requirement, a thesis will have to be submitted to Maastricht University. Its topic will have to be approved by Professor Phedon Nicolaides who will also read and evaluate the thesis. Candidates will be encouraged to focus their theses on actual national issues, problems or challenges and propose possible solutions. In this way the Professional Certificate will be of immediate value to candidates and national administrations.


The fee for the professional certificate is made up of two components: i) the normal participation fee for each of the professional seminars by Lexxion Publisher and ii) an administrative fee of EUR 1000 to cover the thesis supervision and assessment and documentation costs (excl. VAT).
The participation fee for seminars may be paid at the time of registration for each seminar. The administrative fee must be paid at the time of registration for the Professional Certificate.

For further information and applications, please contact:

Ms Gaël Langosch
Lexxion Publisher
Phone: +49 (0)30 8145 0615
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