How to Improve Verifications of ESI Funds

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Interactive Workshop

25-26 September 2017 | Vienna

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Irena Dankova
State Expert of Certification and Financial Management of ESF Department, National Fund Directorate, Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Bulgaria

Irena is a State Expert in the Bulgarian Certifying Authority for ESF, ERDF and CF. Since 2008 when she joined the National Fund Directorate within the MoF her main responsibilities have been in the area of financial management and certification of expenditure under ESF operational programmes. She started as financial controller for 2007-2013 ESF operational programmes from the very beginning of their financial implementation. Her current responsibilities are related to financial management of the following programmes: Human Resources Development, Good Governance, Science and Education for Smart Growth and OP FEAD incl. preparing and submitting of interim payment applications to EC, drawing up of annual accounts, performing CA’s specific control activities, on-the-spot and desk-based checks of ESF projects as well as developing/amending the relevant rules and procedures. Over the past years she was involved in the elaboration of national legal framework in the field of management of ESI funds.

Maeve Hamilton
Head of EU Managing Authority, Department for the Economy, Northern Ireland

Maeve Hamilton has worked in the Northern Ireland Civil Service for 31 years. She is currently employed by the Central Government Department for the Economy in Northern Ireland and is Head of the Managing Authority for both the ESF and ERDF Investment for Growth and Jobs (2014-2020) Programmes. Maeve is a fully qualified Internal Auditor (Institute of Internal Auditors UK) and has professional qualifications in computer audit as well as being a certified fraud investigator. She has been working with EU funding for almost 15 years and last year obtained a Masters degree in Managing Innovation in the Public Sector. She has been instrumental in the establishment of governance and oversight arrangements for implementation of numerous EU Programmes and has developed significant expertise in EU verification, financial management and Simplified Cost Options.

Zsuzsanna Kondor
Former Head of Managing Authority of Operational Programme Technical Assistance and Head of Coordination Managing Authority, Budapest

Zsuzsanna Kondor was educated at Janus Pannonius University in Pécs, Hungary and began her career at the Hungarian Foundation for Enterprise Promotion as a training manager later as the acting director of PHARE SME Development Programme in Hungary. From 1997 to 2001 she was a management consultant working on a broad range of projects in regional and SME development, tourism promotion. In 2001 she helped Hungary's preparations for implementing Cohesion Policy funds at a government agency and joined in 2002 the National Development Agency as head of Structural Funds Unit. In the period 2003-2013 she headed the Coordination Managing Authority with specific responsibility for strategic planning, institutional development, magamanent of Hungary's TA Programme and liaising with the European Commission and Member States. Since 2014 she is working as consultant on policy programmes and research projects on country levels and for the European Commission.

Alina Ploae
Contracting Officer, MA for ETC Programmes, Ministry Regional Development, Public Administration and European Funds, Bucharest

Alina Ploae has a wide range of experience in working with various funds, such as ERDF and IPA. She worked as a contracting officer for the joint operational programme Romania-Ukraine-Republic of Moldova for a period of five years. Later on she was promoted to Head of Unit for the Regional Operational Programme Projects Monitoring Unit and Head of Unit for ERDF and IPA Expenditure Verification. Since 2013 Alina Ploae works as a contracting officer for the IPA Cross-Border Cooperation Programme, which has emphasized her state aid expertise. Besides her work as a contracting officer, she also teaches at the Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi, where the focus of the course is the control, evaluation and impact assessment of regional development programmes. Alina Ploae holds a PhD in Economics from the Doctoral School of Economics, Iasi (Romania), and a Master’s degree from the Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies. She speaks fluent English, French and understands Dutch.

Julia Szenthe

Senior Expert in Cohesion Policy, Vienna

Julia is working at the Office for the Austrian Conference on Spatial Planning (OROK) at the Austrian ERDF ManagingAuthority 2014-2020. She is involved in the institutional development for the ERDF program for the new period. She is directly involved in the preparation of the system description for the new centralised set-up and in the designation procedure in Austria. Before she worked at the Hungarian Coordination Managing Authority in Budapest where she was engaged in overall coordination of EU Funds in Hungary and directed the work of the Division for EU affairs and international cooperation. Her work included the negotiation of the Cohesion Policy regulation as well as the coordination with the European Commission with regard to the 2007-13 programming period. In the past she has also been working in the Ministry of Finance of Croatia and Hungary. She has experience in the management of big infrastructure projects financed through the pre-accession fund (ISPA) as well as the Cohesion Fund and is also familiar with the institutional and audit requirements of the European Union. She contributed to institutional set up of OPs management and control systems for EU Structural Funds, both in Croatia and Hungary. With 15 years of experience in general and EU project management and further 13 years of experience in setting up operational structures, financial management and control systems she also provides a range of trainings to intermediate bodies and beneficiaries.

Head of EU Managing Authority, Department for the Economy, Northern Ireland

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