Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA) of Major EU-Funded Projects

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Intensive Workshop

14-15 September 2017 | Berlin

If you would like to receive the programme for this workshop or more information about it please contact Hella Baumeister.


Chair & Speakers

Chiara Pancotti
Economist at CSIL, Development and Evaluation Unit
Co-author of the CBA Guide, Milan

Chiara Pancotti holds a degree in Economics from Bicocca University (Milan). In 2011 she joined the Development and Evaluation Unit at CSIL - Centre for Industrial Studies. She has been specializing in the evaluation of development projects and in financial, economic and risk analyses of infrastructure investments, especially in the RDI and environmental fields. In this context she has gained experience in providing technical assistance for the preparation of the cost-benefit analyses and application forms for request of co-financing with ERDF under the 2007-13 Operational Programmes of a number of major projects. She has been part of the team in charge of developing the European Commission New Guide to Cost-Benefit Analysis as well as drafting the CBA methodological guidelines for the Government of Lithuania. Also, she has contributed to Massimo Florio's recent publication Applied Welfare Economics, by authoring the chapter on welfare weights and distributional impacts. More recently she has been involved in a research project on the Cost-Benefit Analysis in the RDI Sector in the frame of the EIBURS Programme and she has been lecturer during the last edition of the Milan  Summer School on Cost-Benefit Analysis of investment projects.

Eike Koring
Senior Manager, Deloitte & Touche GmbH, Berlin

Eike Koring is an economic expert in the Deloitte Economic Consulting team with extensive experience in cost-benefit analysis. He has conducted cost-benefit-analyses in the fields of energy, infrastructure, research and development, transportation and various industry sectors. Most of these cost-benefits-analyses were addressed to the DG Regio. These projects included both quantitative and qualitative assessments and were carried out for European as well as national public institutions and private sector companies. Eike Koring has experience in advising private sector companies and public authorities in State Aid Cases. He has worked over three years in an extremely close relationship with the German Government and the European Commission in the context of a WTO procedure. For more than five years Eike Koring has been working on a mandatory basis for the German Government, conducting project assessments in the context of State Guarantees and Export Credit Guarantees. Since 2012 Eike Koring is working on a mandatory basis for the German Federal Land Brandenburg with regard to the management of the State Guarantees. Prior to working for Deloitte in Germany, Eike worked for the PricewaterhouseCoopers in Berlin and Hamburg for seven years. He has furthermore worked within the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy.

Gatis Kristaps
Member of Board, Finance and Law, Ardenis Ltd., Riga

Gatis Kristaps holds a MSc in Economics. In the role of business consultant he has 15 years of practical experience in transport infrastructure projects for multiple funding organizations including the European Commission, the European Investment Bank, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and others. The special areas include sea ports, airports, railways and public transport. The expert has 6 years on the ground experience in State aid including elaboration of individual notifications and consultations on State aid related issues.

Kirsteen Purves

Business Cases Expert, R&D and SESAR Contribution Management, ATM Directorate, Eurocontrol, Brussels

Paula has a PhD in Business Studies by Warwick University (UK), a Masters in Statistics and Operational Research and a first degree in Economics both awarded by the University of Lisbon. She has more than 15 years of experience of cost benefit and economic analyses in air traffic management (ATM). She joined EUROCONTROL in 2000 as a senior economic expert to work on the development of a common approach to European ATM Cost Benefit Analyses and to perform cost benefit analyses of European ATM projects.  Prior to that, she taught economics and business at the University of Lisbon, worked for NATS R&D Department leading validation projects and worked as an economist for a wide range of SME in Portugal. Paula has published scientific papers in the field of ATM covering decision support for Network Management and economics of ATM.  For the past seven years she has been leading and managing a team of Business Case specialists at EUROCONTROL. Paula has also been leading the development of cost benefit analyses in support of SESAR, the European Single European Sky program and partnership for ATM modernisation.





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