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Issue 2/2008

Table of Contents

Senator Jeff Bingaman, Dr. Artur Runge-Metzger
Michael Mehling
U.S. Efforts on Climate Change: New Beginnings and Enduring Realities (abstract) Reading Sample
Tauna Szymanski and Scott Stone
The Canadian Regulatory Framework for Carbon Trading: Sailing Away from Consensus while Waiting for the U.S. Federal Scheme (abstract) Add to Cart
Alain Brophy
Progress on the Path to the “Full Portfolio“ Utilities Prepare for Climate Change Regulation (abstract) Add to Cart
Mary Anne Sullivan
Greenhouse Gas Emissions Trading and Duties of the State: A Preliminary Review of Alberta’s Specified Gas Emitters Regulation (abstract) Add to Cart
Grant Boyle
Corporate Policy Preferences in the EU and the US
Emissions Trading as the Climate Compromise? (abstract)
Add to Cart
Jonas Meckling
Market Convergence through the Back Door: Inadvertent Integration of the World’s Carbon Markets under NAFTA (abstract) Add to Cart
Elias Leake Quinn
Transnational Aspects of a Linked Carbon Market (abstract) Add to Cart
M. J. Mace and Jason Anderson
Regulating Carbon Capture and Storage in the European Union: An Economic and Legal Analysis (abstract) Add to Cart
Sven Bode and Lars Dietrich
In the Market
ICAP – The International Carbon Action Partnership: Building a Global Carbon Market from the Bottom-up
Add to Cart
Martin Bergfelder
Current Developments in Carbon & Climate Law International, European Union, North America
Francesco Sindico, Leonardo Massai, Andrea Hudson Campbell, Van Ness Feldman, Kaitlin Gregg, Van Ness Feldman
Add to Cart
Profiles in Transatlantic Cooperation Add to Cart
Kathleen Cardamone, Jos Cozijnsen, Sandra Cavalieri, Arne Jungjohann, Sascha Müller-Kraenner, Alexander Ochs, Nigel Purvis, Lea Rosenbohm, Peter Zapfel
Book Reviews and New Publications Add to Cart
compiled by Harro van Asselt

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