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Issue 1/2010.

Table of Contents

Editorial - Climate Change and the Oceans  
David Freestone
Thematic Focus: Developing Countries in the Climate Regime
Technology Transfer in the International Climate Negotiations – The State of Play and Suggestions for the Way Forward (abstract) Reading Sample
Christiane Gerstetter, Dominic Marcellino and Elena von Sperber
The Eco-Patent Commons and Environmental Technology Transfer: Implications for Efforts to Tackle Climate Change (abstract) Add to Cart
Mark Van Hoorebeek and William Onzivu
Sector No Lose Targets in the Context of a Post-2012 Climate Agreement (abstract) Add to Cart
Martina F.S. Hofmann
Gas Flaring in Developing Countries – Need for Kyoto Mechanisms or Sectoral Crediting Mechanisms? (abstract) Add to Cart
Cathy Suykens
Proposals on Carbon-related Border Adjustments: Prospects for WTO Compliance (abstract) Add to Cart
Kateryna Holzer
Protectionism under a Green Label: Analysis in Light of the Waxman-Markey Climate Change Bill of 2009 (abstract) Add to Cart
Vijay Bishnoi
Improving the Clean Development Mechanism Post-2012: A Developing Country Perspective (abstract) Add to Cart
Nhan T. Nguyen, Minh Ha-Duong, Sandra Greiner and Michael Mehling
General Articles
The Legacy of the Climate Talks in Copenhagen: Hopenhagen or Brokenhagen? (abstract) Add to Cart
Meinhard Doelle
In the Market
Developing Countries and the Carbon Market:
An Ambivalent Relationship
Add to Cart
Lisa Zelljadt
Country Profile: Brazil Add to Cart
Paula Franco Moreira, Andre Costa Nahur and Eky Barradas
Current Developments in Carbon & Climate Law
International, Matthieu Wemaëre
European Union, Leonardo Massai
Add to Cart
Book Reviews and New Publications Add to Cart
compiled by Harro van Asselt

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